I had the opportunity to reunite with a aunt on her nintysecond birthday after an eighteen year separation. The experience was wonderful and heart warming for both of us and I was able to hear her opinions on life, health and her favorite subject, politics.

A widow, This is a woman that wears her nintytwo years very well. She walks every morning, never drank alcohol or smoked, eats mostly a vegetarian diet, raised two children and pets, and painted the interior of a large house all by herself in preparing to put it on the market for sale when she relocated to another state at the age of ninty.

We  talked about many things in the process of catching up and the following comments made me smile, caught me by surprise, gave me food for thought and warmed my heart.

I quote in no particular order: “Say I love you to someone every day”, “people don’t care about old people”, “old people are not treated with respect”, ” don’t argue”, “no matter how much it hurts, don’t interfere with your children’s lives”, “respect everyone’s private spaces no matter how old they are”, “Why would anyone vote for Trump, is he the image one wants to represent one’s country”, “Sanders is too old”, “we need gun control ,not everyone carrying guns”, “if we all carry guns we will be shooting each other all all over the place all the time”, “love animals”, “walk”, “keep active”, “don’t hate anyone”,  “don’t gossip”, “I don’t like the Republicans they want to do away with social security”, ” I love Hillary”, “keep your distance from anyone, family or friends, that gossip or have nothing good to say”, “eat lots of vegetables and fruit”, “don’t eat meat”, “eyeglasses are in”, “be generous”, “laugh every day”.